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The Moment Group Safety Policies

Here's how we can help each other stay safe, healthy, and nourished as Team Moment serves you via dine-in, walk-in, pick-up, and delivery.

Below are the safety measures our shops will be following for guests who (may need to) dine-in with us.


No mask, no entry. Guests will need to keep their face masks on at all times and only take these off as they dine.


Body temperature check. Guests will need to meet the criteria set by our shops or their respective mall locations.


Health declaration form. Guests will be asked to fill up this form, and we reserve the right to refuse entry to those who are unable to meet the criteria in the form. 


Social distancing. Guests will be asked to observe 1 to 2 meters of social distancing. There are guides in each shop to assist with this.


Limited seating. We are allowed a maximum dine-in capacity of 30% in each shop. Only four (4) guests can be seated together at a table.


Regular sanitation. We will set a ten-minute interval between the use of each of our tables for thorough sanitation.


Regular handwashing. We will ring an alarm every 30 minutes to remind our kitchen and front-of-house team members to wash their hands.


Additional safety training. Our kitchen and front-of-house team members are all ServSafe© certified. For both dine-in and delivery, there are assigned food safety servers and runners who are the only ones allowed to perform food-related tasks and do not perform tasks other than those. 


People-first mindset. Everything begins with caring for our team members, delivery partners, and guests. Their safety and needs guide the way we serve you at this time.


We continue to strictly abide by the following heightened safety measures and practices for dine-in, walk-in, pick-up, and delivery:

  • Daily morning check-ins via WhatsApp and health logs for team members  
  • Wearing of face masks and other protective gear for team members, delivery partners, and guests
  • Body temperature checks for team members, delivery partners, and guests (following mall policies for our in-mall locations, and no higher than 37.5 for our out-of-mall locations)
  • Social distancing of at least 1 meter, assisted by lanes and floor markers for delivery partners and guests
  • Availability of 70% isopropyl alcohol and wipe-down menus
  • Regular handwashing with antibacterial soap every 30 minutes and frequent application of hand sanitizer for team members
  • Regular wipe down and disinfection of hi-touch points and objects every 30 minutes
  • Regular disinfection of our shops, kitchens, and delivery vehicles
  • Proper and strict food handling from the time we receive our ingredients to the time we turn our food products over to delivery partners and guests. 


Open and transparent communications

Our communications are clear and complete to let you know the safety measures we are taking when you order from Moment. Our shops are equipped with safety reminders, directional signages, and floor markers for social distancing.


Contactless service

We practice contactless service and give you the assistance you need to safely order from our shops and from, including contactless payment and curbside pick up.

Some shops now take walk-in orders. We have a clear process for delivery partners and guests to shorten time spent in-shop.


Leadership by example

Each day, we’re ready to nourish you despite the changes in our landscape, and we hope that we can support each other and remain vigilant.


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